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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moody Sisters Natural Skincare Review


Moody Sisters Natural Skincare was created by two sisters, Jess Piestrup & Whitney Acheson from Cashmere, WA. They couldn't find safe, natural skincare for their "moody" skin so they did some research and figured out how to to take care of their skin using natural ingredients like essential oils and other healthy ingredients. They created their own natural skincare and made it into a family business. They create the products in their home & often recruit their kids to help out too! How awesome is that? In addition to their skincare, they have a blog where they share lots of helpful info including tips on living a eco-friendly lifestyle and great diy projects. You can even sign up for their email newsletter and get a free travel sized product! Their products are all-natural, and with lots of organic ingredients and some are also vegan. They are cruelty-free. 

The Products

I purchased their 3 piece "Try Me First" set from OpenSky for $24.95 for 3 1oz. travel-sized products. It includes their Foaming Face Wash, Lightweight Moisturizer & Face & Body Cream. 

The Foaming Face Wash - is a light foaming cleanser that is great for balancing my combination, acne-prone skin. It's gentle and effective at removing most of my makeup and did not irritate my skin. It can also be used as a hand wash! 

The Lightweight Moisturizer - is in a liquid form and provides a exactly what the name states, lightweight moisture, which is especially great for my skin since I am dry on the cheeks, but oily in the t-zone. It helped to balance my "moody" skin  extremely well and didn't cause any acne nor did it aggravate the acne I already had. 

The Face & Body Cream is a whipped type of cream that is heavier than the Lightweight Moisturizer. It was too heavy for my face personally. I think it might work well for me in the winter. It isn't extremely thick and I think it would be fine for many skintypes. It actually worked great as a body moisturizer for me. Another thing I really liked about it was the smell. It has a slightly minty scent to it. It was fresh, but not overpowering. 


I also purchased their Daily Facial Toner in the full size on the Moody Sisters website. It comes in a 4oz. bottle for 14.95. It contains apple cider vinegar and witch hazel and it is incredible! It's just a toner, I didn't think it would make a huge difference. It did! It removed the small amount of makeup that the cleanser left behind and softened and balanced my skin. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the packaging. I wish it came in a spray bottle, but it's ok I can deal with it as is!

Customer Service

Customer service is great, shipping is $4.95 for any order in the US that is under 10lbs. which is a great price. They offer full refunds on unopened, unused products and offer exchanges or credits on opened products. 

Check them out!

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* I purchased these products myself and as always all opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Faerie Organic 40 Winks Eye Primer Review



Faerie Organic was started in 2007 by makeup artist Erin Mincks. After losing both of her parents to cancer, she decided she wanted to live a more healthy, natural lifestyle. She learned about the many chemicals that were in mainstream cosmetics & skincare and felt that there needed to be other options. So, she developed Faerie Organic and decided to use wild crafted herbs and food-grade ingredients instead of chemicals. They have loose mineral based foundation, concealer, blush, etc. they also have skincare. They are all natural and cruelty-free. 

The Product

This eye primer is the best natural eye primer I have found so far. It goes on mostly clear (slightly whitish) on my fair skin. You don't notice the color after eyeshadow is applied. It comes in a clear plastic pot with a silver lid plastic lid.  It retails for $14 for .05oz. I've been using it for a couple of months now, comparing it against both natural & non natural primers and so far, this wins for the natural ones I've tried. This keeps my eye makeup on for a good 6-8 hours without any fading or creasing. Also, I have crepy eyelids, probably due to allergies & rubbing my eyes. This primer creates a smooth surface so there is little to no creasing, which does not happen easily for me! Overall, I really like this primer. My only issue (really tiny issue) is that I would like for it to be tinted so it would even out my skintone on my eyelids. However, I love how it keeps my eye makeup on all day, so I'm willing to overlook that. 


The ingredients are good. I've heard mixed things about titanium dioxide. It has been shown to cause cancer in some animals in some studies. I'm still on the fence about it and will still use products containing titanium dioxide until I hear of more conclusive evidence and that the testing includes humans!

Customer Service

Customer service was good. I had no problems. They do not accept returns unless your items arrive damaged, but they do offer sample sets so you can try before you buy!

Check out Faerie Organic on their website,

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* I bought this item myself and my opinion is my own. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Osmia Organics Review


Osmia Organics was started in 2010 by Sarah Villafranco, MD, an Emergency Medicine physician. After practicing as a physician for almost 10 years, she realized she needed a change. After she took a soap making class with a friend, she decided she loved it and wanted to start her own company that used healthy, natural and organic ingredients instead of all the chemicals found in so many products. Thus, Osmia (meaning sense of smell) Organics was born. They have a wide range of products for the face and body and a huge focus is put on aromatherapy. All of the products I tried have some type of natural scent! The products are natural, organic, and and they are a cruelty-free company!

The Products

The company sent me a beautiful  package of sample sized products to meet the needs of my combination, acne-prone skin including a facial cleansing bar, a acne spot treatment, and face serum. Also included were samples of a bar soap for the body and body oil.

Black Clay Facial Soap- $22 for 2.25oz. Contains  ingredients like Australian Black Clay, and Dead Sea mud. It cleanses and tones. Ideal for combination and acne prone skin like mine! Made my skin softer & smoother! 

Facial Callibration Serum-  $50 for 0.5oz. This serum contains a few different plant-based oils and is designed for combination skin to balance the skin and regulate sebum production. My face definitely felt softer, smoother and less oily in my t-zone after two weeks of use. I am slightly sensitive to smells and the scent of this product was a TINY bit strong for me but I could get used to it if it keeps my t-zone less oily! 

Spot Treatment- $20 for 0.16oz. After only 2 weeks of use, this will be added to my list of holy grail products! This product is just as the name says, a "spot treatment" for acne. It is a blend of a few different essential oils. A little goes a LONG way and it is not meant for all over the face. I've suffered from acne since middle school and nothing has worked so well for me thus far. It doesn't dry me out, yet it made a very large pimple almost disappear within the two weeks of using it once daily. Miraculous! 

Milky Rose Soap- $12 for 5.5oz bar  I'm typically not a huge fan of bar soaps, so I don't have a lot to compare it with, however, it smelled great, cleans without drying,  is made from organic ingredients and it's pink, so that for me is a plus! 😄 

Flower Body Oil- $24 for 2oz. $70 for 7.5oz w/pump.  Made from organic rose geranium essential oil, organic linden blossom oil, and zdravets, this body oil is awesome! Smells like flowers (obviously) 😄 and is SUPER moisturizing and leaves a light, dewy sheen on the skin. It is meant to be put on wet skin as it helps w/absorption and you'll use less product!

Customer Service- I've never purchased from  company before, but they were very kind and helpful to me as a blogger. They have a 14 day return policy for damaged/defective items and do not accept returns for any other reasons according to their website. While I wish they had a better policy I am not sure why you would want to return any of their products! I think it's worth the risk! 


Check them out!

Website- organics 

Twitter- @OsmiaOrganics

Pinterest- @OsmiaOrganics