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Friday, December 12, 2014

JAVA Skincare Review

While sipping coffee at her husband's coffee shop 
North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Stephanie Additon learned about the many benefits of coffee and that these benefits could be infused into skincare. JAVA Skincare combines the antioxidant properties of green coffee with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to formulate these incredible products. They only use the highest quality organic green coffee and pure essential oils and other natural oils. 


The JAVA Skincare lineup includes bodywash, body serum,body scrub and a hand soap. They come in a set for 69.95, but you can also purchase each item individually. 

Body Wash- Oh, how I love this body wash! It has a great consistency as it's not going to slip through your fingers too quickly and it also has a great amount of lather, which I also really enjoy. A little goes a long way.  Surprisingly, this does not smell like coffee, it has almond scent to it. I like the scent, but would prefer a coffee scent in this! 
$14 for a 12oz. Bottle. 

Body Serum - This luxurious serum combines green coffee infused Argan oil with botanical extract to hydrate your skin, going deeper into the layers of the skin than a typical moisturizer due to it's unique molecular structure. The scent is orange blossom, which I really love. It moisturizes incredibly well, but it's not greasy like you might think an oil/serum would be.  Although a little bit does go a long way, I wish it came in a bigger bottle. It leaves your skin silky soft all day!  $36 for 4oz. 

Bar Soap - First of all, I do want to mention that I am not a huge fan of bar soap. It tends to melt too quickly and most of them are drying.  This soap doesn't melt quickly at all and is incredibly moisturizing! It contains coffee grounds to exfoliate the skin. 4.25oz. for $9. 

Body Scrub - In my opinion, this scrub is the winner of this brand! It contains green coffe infused organic Argan Oil & artisan roasted coffee blended with organic raw Sugar, sweet almond, rosemary and Vitamin e to exfoliate. It has just the right amount of "scrubbiness" to it to be really effective, but not irritate sensitive skin, the right amount of oil to be moisturizing, but won't leave you feeling greasy or leave a greasy film in your tub. This smells just like coffee, which I absolutely LOVE! $28 for 8oz. 

According to JAVA Skincare, their green coffee infused products will: 

Super-Hydrate the skin
Slow the appearance of aging
Protect from free radicals
Eliminate environmental toxins
Rejuvenate healthy cells
Restore elasticity
Even skin tone
Reduce fine lines
Reduce inflammation
Brightens and softens skin
Restore a youthful glow

While I'm not totally sure of all the benefits since I've only been using them for a a few months, my skin is definitely softer, smoother, younger looking/feeling and in generally better health. I don't have any cellulite so I can't make any judgement on that, but what I can tell you is that you NEED to try these products!!  They are amazing! You can find them at and also various retailers in the R.I. area. I'm lucky being in MA, I'm not far from Rhode Island at all! Stephanie Addition, I might have to come visit someday and try a cup (or two) of 
that coffee that inspired your incredible products! 

*These products were sent for review and as always all opinions are honest and my own.