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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ava Anderson Nontoxic Review


Ava Anderson Nontoxic was started by a bright, young, 14 year old girl named Ava Anderson in 2009. The company uses a direct-selling model in which you find a local Ava Anderson Nontoxic representative who sells the products to you. I am from MA, so I contacted a local rep in my area named Jeanne-Marie Parker. She was lovely and sent me a ton of trial sized samples to try for this review. I chose a few of my favorites to share with you! 

Shower Gel

This is probably my favorite of a the products I tried. It is a simple, basic body wash with clean ingredients. It lathers a bit, but not a lot, it's creamy and not too thick and not thin or runny. It left my skin feeling clean and it smelled great. It had a lemon-lime scent which I loved, it wasn't at at overpowering, just the right amount, I'd say. The price is a good value at $16.95 for 16oz. 

Sunscreen SPF 30

I realize that it's fall right now and  thinking about sunscreen. However, I think people should wear it year round. I have very pale skin and a family history of skin cancer, so sunscreen is a must for me. I really like this one. It's not greasy, not TOO white....although I recommend waiting a few minutes to absorb. It lasts a long time, and can be used for the face and body. The only small drawback is that you have to knead the tube before you squeeze it out so it doesn't apply lumpy. It's s a small price to pay given the value and quality of this sunscreen! A little goes a long way! It comes in a 2.9oz. tube for $15.95

BB Cream

First off, I'm not typically a fan of BB creams. They're almost always too dark for my pale skintone. This one comes in a four shades, and the lightest one is perfect for me. It provides nice, sheer coverage and a finish that's neither matte nor dewy. It's great if you don't like the feeling of makeup on your face and if you like sheer coverage. I typically like full coverage makeup, however, it would be awesome for a casual weekend look. It definitely gives you a "your skin but better" look. It's $18.95 for 2oz. which is an incredible price considering most mainstream, chemical laden BB creams are double the price for half the amount of product. 

Moisturizer SPF 15

This is a great basic moisturizer. It works great for my combination, acne-prone skin, and I think it would be good for most skin types. It did not cause any redness or irritation, which I do sometimes get with moisturizers. It absorbs quickly and gave me baby soft skin. At $20.95 for 1.5oz , I'd say it's a great deal! 

I would definitely suggest that you try some Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products! You can go to directly from Jeanne-Marie by going to and search by name- just type in Jeanne-Marie Parker and choose Massachusetts as the state and you'll be brought directly to her site. You don't have to be local to purchase from her, so please send her some love! You can of course purchase directly from the site or purchase locally, but it would be AWESOME for you to purchase from Jeanne-Marie because she's awesome and she sent me all tons of samples so I could do this review!